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Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit Style Pizza
Yields 2 Square Pizzas or 1 Rectangle Pizza Serves Approx 8 People

Hey everyone, Mark here. I love pizza. Like, I REALLY love pizza. I would eat it every day if I could. But until recently I’d only ever had the traditional round styles we’re all familiar with as well as the much debated Chicago style pizza. I stumbled across this style one day when I was scrolling through Youtube for dinner ideas. I’d heard of it before, of course. But I’d never thought to try it myself until now! Continue reading “Detroit Style Pizza”

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Authentic Garlic Naan Bread

Authentic Naan Breads
Makes 8 Authentic Garlic Naan Breads

Naan bread is an Indian flatbread usually baked against the wall of a Tandoor oven. You probably don’t have one of those. But this garlic naan bread recipe is really easy and results in really authentic garlic naan bread by using a searing-hot cast-iron skillet! Continue reading “Authentic Garlic Naan Bread”

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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago deep dish full

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Serves Approx: 6 – 8
Makes 2 9inch deep dish pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? Chicago’s signature pizza style is quite controversial in the USA, especially among New Yorkers, who may argue that it isn’t a pizza at all. I don’t care what you call it. I think that not only is this a delicious, unique dish, but also think its one of the most deliciously decadent things I’ve ever eaten.
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Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta Bake

Creamy tomato chicken pasta bake Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta Bake Serves Approx 8

Hi all, Mark here. When Alicia asked me what to do with our leftover roast chicken, I decided to take a look online. I found a slow cooker/crockpot recipe that caught my eye but it didn’t quite suit what we wanted. So, after tweaking it enough that I’m not just stealing someone else’s recipe, I came up with something that may well become a family favourite for us.
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Potted Beef Sandwich Filler

Potted Beef Sandwich Filler

Hey, Mark here. This is homemade Beef Sandwich Filler. It’s like pate, without the offal! Sorry for the photo, there’s only so much you can do to make a photo of brown mush look pretty, but trust me, you’re going to want to try this, so read on.

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Chicken and Tomato Bake

cornflake chicken casserole thing, trust us, its delicious.
Chicken and Tomato Bake Serves: 4

Hey everyone, Mark here, posting a quick Chicken and Tomato Bake recipe that’s absolutely delicious and a little bit different. This is a recipe from my mum and it’s still one of my favourite quick dishes to make and eat. This is a saucy chicken dish is quite different to our Hunters Chicken recipe; chicken fillet, smothered in a basil-infused tomato sauce, topped with cornflakes and a light sprinkle of cheese and then baked until golden and delicious. Let’s crack on!

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Roti Canai Recipe

Roti Canai Recipe
Roti Canai Recipe Makes 4

I know its a bit of a cheat using the same picture for the Roti Canai Recipe, but I had two choices, make the Quick Chicken Curry recipe really long by including the Roti Canai recipe there or making a fresh batch, just to take a photo for this recipe. Anyway, this isn’t the soft wrap like Roti that you can buy in the supermarket. This is a flaky, crispy, fried flatbread that are laminated with butter. These also go great with my Chicken Rendang Curry!

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Quick Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Curry
Quick Chicken Curry Recipe Serves 4

While searching for a quick and simple curry recipe, I came across a chicken curry recipe that would become my “go-to”. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s super delicious. This goes great with our creamy Coconut Rice, naan or our fantastic Roti Canai bread.

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